How to buy a plan?


Hi guys, after registration yesterday I have just received an email that I can skip the line by buying a monthly plan. TAKE MY MONEY :slight_smile: A problem; pay as you go plan and 10 usd plan has no option to click on it and pay for it. Guys and idea what I'm doing wrong? It looks like Liquidsky don't want my money :wink: Thanks a lot for help!

Have a great day!


Exactly, what's going on with message on the front page saying you can skip wait. If they can not honor that, atleast take the message down. This is a very un professional.


You have to wait for March or watch out for news and get the opportunity to sign up for testing . Those who bought the tariff until January 6, can use the service.
A message about skipping this design flaws. At the moment, the influx of new users is closed due to the global update.
You can get acquainted with the new system while waiting


Please wait till March for new PLAN release.