How to download GTA V


Can someone tell me how to download GTA V on here, im new to this


Welcome to the LiquidSky Community. So to download GTA V, I am going to assume that you bought it through the steam platform. Steam is pre-installed on every SkyPC inlcuding Orgin and Blizzard. All you need to do is sign into your account on steam on your SkyPC and download the game like you were going to on your own computer. If not bought from steam and you used a diffrent gaming client, then you can download the client that you bought GTA V from and download it that way. Basically your SkyPC is the same as a regular computer except it is a virtual machine, and you can install anything you want on it.


where did you buy it? from a retail store or steam?


use steam to buy gta5


Absolutely, everyone is correct. You have to download the games from various game platforms like steam, blizzard, origin, etc.
Same way you have to download GTA 5 from steam or Rockstar games website to play on the skycomputer.
You have to avoid pirating else you can get banned.


Thanks for telling me!


Every time I try to download GTA V through their official Rockstar SocialClub the SkyComputer gets disconnected , " Internet Connection Error" , downloading stops and machine keeps restarting. My internet connection is great , but I cannot do anything here. Any solutions?


Did you try deleting your skypc (to make sure you are on the new VM update)?
Not sure if it has to be related to this bug: ALT+TAB new bug


I tried to delete skypc and create a new one. Didn’t help. It’s not related to alt + tab. I cannot even download the game


Yea, this is an issue I am currently having as well. Someone fixed it surprisingly. I haven’t been able to confirm this yet. View this thread below.


Please keep us posted if the game is already working for you.

@devinkern24 Do you have a Steam account? If so, you can try downloading the game from Steam. There are some instances that the Rockstar edition keeps disconnecting. Downloading the Steam version should be fine. (Though, this is only true if you have also bought the Steam version as well)


As far as I know, you cannot download GTA V on Steam if you paid for the Rockstar Social Club edition. You would have to buy the Steam edition seperately. Nonetheless, I was able to play GTA V Rockstar Social Club edition yesterday.