How to: Increase FPS with NVidia Settings (max performance)


Dear Community,

to increase your gaming performance and your FPS on your LS Computer go to:

Control Panel (of your Liquid Sky Computer)
Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Power Management Mode = Prefer Maximum Performance

Successfully tested on “Gamer Plan” with: “Witcher 2” on High Settings (50 fps) and “Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed” on Max Settings (50 - 60 fps).

Your welcome


After LS is able to get the bandwidth issue taken care of, I’ll give this a try. Thanks for the tip.


Cheers! Can’t wait to give this a shot!

Can't Access Nvidia Control Panel?

did it work? 20 characters


You realy think if you change power plan, and other user change it too, one videocard will work different??

It configured already at the ibm server.

So this tip is useless.


I am sharing my experience. Please leave a comment, wether you experienced improvement or not.

It definitly made Witcher 2 playable on high settings for me (Gamer Plan) and prevents fps dips in Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed on Max Settings.


Witcher 2 ? lol, it playable on budget PC ))

in different periods of time, IBM servers can issue different FPS, depending on the load, im test it on Destiny 2 there is no difference.


I am thinking it still might be possible though. Isn’t it virtual devices that the operating system is seeing? In that case, couldn’t it change the behavior of the virtual device? I am just speculating a little bit. Since you can change things like the actual video resolution output without affecting other users.


Would the option to set “prefer maximum performance” exist if it did nothing?

I really doubt that it would.

Can confirm GRID Autosport runs better for me with “prefer maximum performance” set

I’m sure this will help in working out how to make the most of M60 vGPUs direct mode support for VR devices


This option is included in nvidia driver, and it work for non virtual machine.


What means better? do the fps tests and put them here, and we look at the difference in FPS.


We use several video cards encased in an array, so we can not control the power of a particular video card. This feature is built into the Nvidia driver.


There is no better proof than trying it out on your own.


Another thing that I know helps with gaming stability is windows activation.

If windows is activated you will enjoy better quality gaming.

This too is underestimated around here.

To be honest I do not understand how games feel and look better with prefer max performance or activated windows.

All I know is they do improve gaming quality by helping to stop stuttering, input lag, game crashes, windows crashes and being kicked from servers when trying to enjoy multiplayer gaming online.

Not much to do with higher FPS but these settings help stabilising FPS in game and many other things.

Testing these for five mins difference is not perceivable. Use these settings over a longer period of time and you may appreciate the advantages they bring.

Folks just need to try for themselves and decide for themselves.

My mind is made up. I see GRID Autosport running smoother with prefer max performance set.

This is an end user setting and is relative to virtual GPU. This has nothing to do with Tesla M60 GPU acceleration settings, which are server side managed…

I have never been given a key for my windows on LS so have never tried to activate windows. All I know from my PC gaming experience is windows XP gaming gives better gaming experience when activated with a legitimate key. Windows7, 8 and 10 too.

Makes sense that this will hold true for gaming on windows server 2016.

It brings lots if little advantages which collectively bring improved gaming experience.


Not necessarily- I have yet to see any significant slowdown on my copy of Windows 10 Enterprise (activated or non-activated). If you don’t believe me here’s what settings tells me:

This is basically what is happening on most skycomputers currently, and I have yet to see any performance degradation due to the lack of an activated Windows (both on a validated/unvalidated Old VM and unvalidated New VM). Please take time to do research before you post on this forum (this isn’t the first time we’ve had to correct you on information). If you wish to activate Windows, you can try phone activation as noted here:

If you believe you are correct, then please provide genuine proof (other than general statements- I even tried googling if what you said is true and I have NO results that say anything otherwise in the first two pages), otherwise it doesn’t appear based in reality. It’s getting a bit frustrating trying to correct the record here. Read over your posts please before posting.


I believe you are wrong.

Recommending users use windows unactivated is simply wrong. Especially for gaming.

Do you really believe MS would provide same quality of service to people without a licence compared to those who have?

If the information describing how or what windows service is throttled for in an unactivated windows was publicly available then certain people with the necessary skillset would find workarounds.

Believe you me, windows unactivated is a gimped windows.


As long as you don’t have any hard proof for this throttling thing, it’s a conspiracy theory. Check out Russell’s Teapot. :wink:


Not even a conspiracy theory. Just my opinion based on what I have seen from using a xp install which was using vulnerabities in oem iso to activate and everything I have seen with beta testing windows 8 and then using fully upgraded, updated and activated windows 10

I see loads of issues on skycomputer compared to my local win 10 install. Some of these are manifesting themselves due to windows not being activated on skycomputer.


Then please stop presenting it as the truth. It simply isn’t. That’s the problem, not that you can’t have an opinion.


Practice what you preach. I am only replying to you because you openly condone and encourage the use of unactivated windows.

You are wrong in doing this.