How to: Increase FPS with NVidia Settings (max performance)


I was not condoning, but merely saying that what you said appears to be incorrect. Again I have yet to come across any tangible proof of what you said is true. Again, please prove me wrong! I’d be glad if you did. All I see as evidence for your argument is hypotheticals and conjecture, both of which do not make a good argument. If Microsoft was really wanting users to have genuine Windows 10, then why did they offer the free upgrades?

From my personal experience, this matter isn’t relevant at all- of course it would be best to use genuine Windows but currently due to the nature of how many people delete their skycomputer (either for diagnostics or just simply due to storage persistence) the activation server gets overwhelmed and cannot issue out all the keys for these VMs.


I will try using the information you shared on how to activate windows on skycomputer and open another thread if anything I have been claiming has any relevance.


I just activated windows and for the first time ever on skycomputer completed more than one racenet events without being kicked from server when playing GRID Autosport.

I shared video of game crashing (getting kicked from server) after ten to fifteen minutes of gameplay and was totally reproducible and has been the case since I started using skycomputer.

I no longer seem to be able to reproduce after activating windows.

Mere coincidence? I really do not think so and the importance of having activated windows is being hugely underestimated.


Where is the video? Again you may be right, but I still cannot see any proof other than your claims (which I’m not super inclined to believe in at this point in time).


I will start another thread after further testing.

Like I said I already shared and communicated I suspect racenet servers are kicking players using vm. Now I think i might be onto something about windows not being activated adversly affecting gaming experience on sky computer.

I need to prove nothing to you and am trying to help the community not be misled by your lies and misinformation.

This due to your biased opinion and truing to protect LS devs for not fixing windows activation bug


You better watch yourself on that…


At best this seems to be conjecture. From my own knowledge and some light googling all I can find is that an unactivated copy of windows 10 is missing some simple microsoft services and will have no effect on gaming performance.


I just found skycomputer needs windows activated every time skycomputer is started so I doubt anybody us willing to jump through the hoops every time they restart skycomputer anyhiws

Having to log into steam 9 out of 10 times that steam is started is bad enough

Can see I have totally derailed this thread and am not helping so ttfn


That shouldn’t happen either. If you have it set to autologin it should just login when started.


I honestly don’t know why you’re having so many problems @VirtualCrazeeCatMan. I never have to log into Steam when I start my SkyPC, nor does my SkyPC have to be activated all the time.

The only time I have ever had to log into Steam was when I reset my VM to the new version a couple months ago. My SkyPC has been activated since I reset my VM as well.


But it doesn’t and is another long standing bug that has still to be given the proper attention by LS devs.

Very frustrating bugs these are.

I got list of issues as long as my arm for issues on LS android client.

Working them out has been fun but are fast becoming game breaking for me. Having to log into steam on the same android device that steam guard is installed in is pita because of Steam Input not detecting controller.

LS osk does not always behave as expected

Have spent more time logging into apps and working around bugs than I have spent gaming

Autoshow LS osk never rembers when I unchecked that box which totally interferes with my hardware config and adds another bug to the list

Having to apply all these workarounds every time skycomputer is started has made LS unfit for purpose to me


A general piece of advice: I would not save any passwords in a cloud pc anyway. It may seem a bit tedious, and there are no security issues with LiquidSky, but it simply makes me feel better to know private data isn’t stored in a virtual pc. It takes about 5 seconds to enter your password, maybe 10 on an Android soft keyboard. :slight_smile:

Regarding Windows activation: this is Server 2016, not Windows 10. It looks the same, but it’s still another OS. There are absolutely no restrictions in regard of performance or stability, the only drawback is that you can’t fully personalize your vm (slideshow, lockscreen wallpaper). You can still set a custom wallpaper with right-click -> set as wallpaper, and that’s good enough for me. I use my SkyPC for gaming, not to admire the beauty of my desktop. :wink:


Regardless of the windows activation problem…

In respect to the NVidia-Settings would it be possible for you to show a video of the effects on GRID (normal settings vs prefer maximum settings)? You can show FPS within Steam by “Settings” -> “In Game” -> “Show FPS”. (If I had known the controversy of this topic I would have done it on my own. But I quit using LS for personal reasons).

You may use the youtube or twitch streaming service; the stream will be saved as a video automatically afterwards.


Actually, a lot of what I am describing in that post you quoted are GRID limitations.

By GRID I do not mean the game but the Nvidia server side hardware and tech that LS is built on.

Since the softwares associated with these technologies are proprietary LS devs can not fix. All LS devs can do is collaborate much closer than they are with Nvidia developers to get these limitations removed.

I will try to determine if GRID Autosport actually shows improvement to FPS after setting prefer max performance or not

I do know or at least think the game runs better for me with it set regarding less FPS drops and stuttering

Hopefully broadcasting or capturing game does not influence or change the outcome
or change what I see without recording/streaming


Thanks encento!!!:’(:o:’(:o:’((^^)