How to Lock Down Mouse (F12) on Mobile LiquidSky?


I’ve successful using the Windows LS Client. However, on Android (I use a mouse and keyboard with an OTG cable) the mouse cursor will remain visible and makes it harder to control the game. I tried looking through settings and hitting F12 like on the Windows version, but I can’t seem to lock down the mouse cursor. I don’t know if it doesn’t exist on mobile or maybe if I’m just doing something wrong, but any answer would be appreciated.


I was having the same problem too, but i found this temporary fix. Big Game Fix Live!.


I’m not sure, but I think depending on your Android version, you can’t hide the cursor. It’s an Android limitation. External mouse is only fully supported since 8.0 Oreo.


The thing is forcing android mouse cursor into windows is the problem. This breaks Steam Input.

Also F12 on any keyboard is FUBAR and appears to be not working but what I think is happening is described at

Android mouse cursor should never be forced into windows apps, the way it LS client is trying to .

I have made and shared videos showing how windows cursor is still fully active but is hidden when using LS android client.
Having two active mouse cursors is why F12 and mice do not work well in steam.

USB passthrough fixes mice and wired controllers. This proves LS client forcing android virtual mouse cursor into windows apps is causing game breaking issues.

Additional to these querks we must not underestimate how many bugs are in Steam client and Steam Input because of Valve adding support for android displays and non steamvr tracked devices too steamvr, as well as android controllers for use with their Steam Link App.

Steam Link App does not work well for controller for me but can not help noticing my mouse connected too SATV (so I can use LS client!) never ever uses android mouse cursor in windows. This backs me up that LS need to change how they manage mice when using android client too access skycomputer.

Nvidia Gamestream is another example of where android mouse cursor is never forced into windows desktop. Steam client and Steam Input bugs have broken Gamestream which is not input device related but is another example the extent too which the bug ridden Steam client is affecting many things.

I have too use App Cloner app for cloning LS android client apk for controller too work in steam games at all. Doing this conveniently breaks much of the right stick mapped to android mouse issues which LS client tries too implement. I can not use skycomputer for gaming on SATV unless I use App Cloner to clone and make changes too LS apk.

This works around the broken F12 Mouse Mode toggle switch, allowing steam apps to use the windows cursor which Steam Input is wanting to use. It also fixes the vast majority of all the other mouse related issues in LS android client.

Anybody suffering game breaking mouse related bugs with vanilla LS android apk really just need to use App Cloner app to clone and make changes to apk too workaround.

How To is described at


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