How-to: Setup the FireTV Stick with LiquidSky (Full Tutorial)



You can see my Medium post for pictures and links the optional items:

Everything You Need to Get Started NOW:

  1. Good internet (5MBs+)
  2. Fire TV Stick and/or Fire TV
  3. A computer or Android device

DISCLAIMER: The OTG cables is not necessary if you don’t want to use a keyboard, mouse, USB drive, Ethernet adapter, or a wired controller. In truth, you just need the FS remote…and a fast thumb (depending on your thumb typing-skills, this may take 20–30 mins).

Optional Extras:
OTG Cable
USB to Ethernet Adapter (to hardwire your FS for faster internet speeds)
Mini Bluetooth Keyboard w/built-in touch mouse pad
Game Controller
Keyboard and mouse (OTG cable required)
HDMI audio adapter (if you want to use headphones and your TV/monitor doesn’t have 3.5mm audio jack out)

NOTE: This tutorial utilizes the OTG cable, which I recommend for more versatility with the FS (i.e. ethernet adapter, bluetooth mouse & keyboard connectivity, USB storage, USB controllers and more).

  1. Purchase this OTG cable

  2. Get a controller and plug it into the USB slot on the OTG cable. (If you don’t have a USB controller, go to bluetooth settings to pair the FS to the bluetooth enabled controller you own.)

  3. Plug in the OTG cable you bought to the FS and connect it to power using the wall outlet adapter and USB to Micro-USB cable that comes with the FS.

  4. If the FS is new, you’ll need to sign-in to your existing Amazon account, if you have already activated your FS navigate to the app store (Fire Store?)

  5. Go to your FS “Settings”, scroll to the “Device” and open it. Toggle to “Developer options” and turn on ADB debugging AND “Apps from Unknown Sources”

  6. Download “Downloader”

  7. Open the Downloader app you just got and navigate to “Settings” and make sure “Enable JavaScript” is enabled. (If this is not enabled you may get a error message and not be able to download the necessary app.)

  8. Next, go to “Browser” in the Downloader app and manually enter the following URL download link:

NOTE: is used to shorten the very long download link:,1426633/download.html, rest assured it’s from the correct source.

  1. The browser should bring up the website address (see above to verify if you would like). Toggle to “DOWNLOAD APK (2MB)” and select if using the FS remote.

  2. After the download has finished, you will be asked if you want to install the app. Select “INSTALL” from the pop up menu.

  3. After a moment you will get an on-screen notification with a check mark saying that the “App is installed.” Now toggle to “OPEN” and select it.

  4. You will be taken to the “Mouse Toggle for Fire TV” application screen, and you must to “Enable the mouse service.” Ensure the mouse service is enabled an you are done with setting up Mouse Toggle.

IMPORTANT: To enable the mouse mode, simply press the play/pause button on the FS remote quickly TWICE. To disable mouse mode, just press the play/pause button once.

  1. On your computer, go to then find the Android logo and scroll down until you see “Download APK.” Click it to download to your computer then upload that file to your cloud storage provider of choice (Onedrive, Dropbox, etc.). (Alternative option if us have a USB flash drive and the OTG cable: copy and paste the LS APK file onto a flash drive.)

  2. Download “ES File Explorer” from the app store on the FS.

NOTE: Now, you have a few options to get the LiquidSky APK on your FS. I will tell you the way I used and know to work, but if you have the OTG cable, you might be able to copy the APK file to a USB drive and access that file from ES File Explorer (that’s assume you already copied the file to a USB drive and you have the OTG cable.) That may be possible but here is what I did:

  1. Select the “Cloud” icon and set up your cloud service of choice (Dropbox, Onedrive, etc.). Once you login to your account, you will have access to all your files stored in the cloud.

  2. Upload the Liquidsky APK to the cloud service you just set up on the FS.

  3. Refresh the screen (there is a refresh button on the bottom of the app), and find the LS APK you just uploaded to the cloud.

  4. Select the APK file and you will be promoted to install it. Select “INSTALL” and it will begin to install the app.

NOTE: If you did not turn on “Apps from the Unknown Sources” under the FS “Settings → Devices” it will not work. Please ensure that option is ON.

  1. After the LS app has installed, select “OPEN,” to launch the app and login.

  2. If you are new to Liquid Sky, you must create your free Sky Computer first from a Windows PC or Android device. Help me earn a few Sky Credits by using my referral code “H3RO887654761” (Enter it in the “Promo Code” box when you create your account for the first time.)

If you already have an LS account, just enter your email and password in the LS app.

CAUTION: Never share your LS password with anyone!

  1. Now here is where you need to utilize Mouse Toggle. Double tap the play/pause button and you should see a semi-transparent white ring appear on the screen — this is your mouse! By using the navigation on the FS remote move down to the login button at the bottom of the screen and press enter on the FS remote.

  2. You have now logged in to your Sky Computer! Congrats, you are ready to play some video games.

NOTE: Some settings may need to be tweaked for optimal performance. See LS FAQ page for more details on optimizing your Sky Computer and getting more credits.

Message me if you have any questions or leave comment. I’m happy to help you if you hit a snag.

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Great effort, the firestick is such a great device to get liquidsky on your tv and this should help many.

Just one thing to make it easier for people that have android phones you can use the app apps2fire to move and install any app on your phone to the fire stick so everytime it updates you just transfer it again instead of downloading the app again.


This is not working for me. I go to install it and it says “App not installed”


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