How To Use LiquidSky & SATV For Running PC Racing Simulators From The Cloud


This video demonstrates using virtualhere to use thrustmaster wheel and pedals connected to SATV as if they were locally connected to skycomputer.


I need to check windows network adapter info for IP address every time skycomputer is switched off and then use new IP address to reverse server in android server app on SATV before virtualhere can work like expected.

A full android server license for Virtualhere app is needed for this too work for wheels and pedals. AFAIK

Steam stable client was used because of the current state of beta branch breaking Steam Input applying configurations properly (23/3/2018 build)

I’ll try adding time stamps in video description to describe better what is being demonstrated.

Any advice on how to stop skycomputer being allocated new ipv4 address every time skycomputer starts would be welcomed. :grinning:

I chose to use this game as an example too show how amazing cloud gaming is because I have not been able to even launch this game in over two years because of having GFE installed too local PC for gamestreaming too work from local PC to SATV.

GRID Autosport is one of my all time favourite and most played PC games and am really enjoying being able to play it again.

Steering wheel support? even with drivers installed
So has anybody figured out how to do USB Passthrough on Liquidsky?
Wheel controler on liquid sky?

Auto updater for a free dyndns address may be usefull here.

#3 has one too, sorry the DynDNS isnt free anymore.

OK I’ve got LiquidSky running on shield by backing up existing install on compatible device and sidelining it.

And to confirm, using the dynamic ip updated works.


Thanks for sharing. Will check it out.