How will a Orbsmart Mini PC AW-06 Plus do with a wired connection 30mb down and 3mb up?


I live in Rome and I connect to Milan Data center. Will this device work properly with liquidsky? I have around 32-50m.


I looked at it and you may run into RAM issues as this only has 2GB ram which windows 10 eats up about a GB itself and then you got extra software such as drivers and security software to run which will eat more ram. I don't think it will work as it will run out of ram and the processor may also be too slow.


Thank you for the answer


Your welcome. I am sorry that it is the answer you probably weren't hoping for. :frowning:


It could work.
Windows 10 has ram compression.

But then again, you could only run LS, and nothing else.


I have Windows 10 x64 2 GB of RAM and everything works fine .
The processor seems to be a weak point, but he put on tablets Windows 10.
If his box connected to the Internet across wi-fi . It can be a problem, if it is possible to better connect it directly.


If you already have it then there is no consequence in trying it but right now I am using 2.6 GB on my laptop with nothing open but this browser and I reformatted it to a clean state like just a week ago. I really hardly doubt it would work. If it did, the lag would make it unusable for sure.


Thanks guys for the help