I cannot shutdown my skypc


I tried to turn the skypc off but it stays on. If i try to connect it fails. Can anyone help me out?

Cannot shutdown sky pc

Same here. I’m on Frankfurt DC.


Same. I have buyed SkyCredits for NOTHING! Frankfurt DC. SkyPC crashed 2 times in 10 Minutes!


Same here :frowning:


I also have this problem on Franfurkt DC.


I am also in Frankfurt


I have the same problem and I’m also on Frankfurt, I think its a problem of the data center then


Hi guys,

Please check the update on the link below since this is related to the problem you are encountering.

If you have timeout settings enabled on your SkyComputer, just close the client so that the timeout setings will take effect and your SkyComputes will be logged off completely.




The update which had to take place on Saturday, 9 was put back in today. Read this blog for more information. The sky to compute switch on is a bug of display. The credits will not be consumed if you have this problem. Frankfurt server is down for the new system of storage.


Ok, I think that there is a communication issue here. I was pretty surprised to see last Saturday after a couple of days off that you guys did something that could have erased all my data when I turned on my LS client. I was pretty surprised because I didn’t had any mail to tell me that there is something that important as “all your data might get deleted”.

Anyways, I was able to log-in and all my data was still there. So I thought, (because the notification said Saturday 9) that if my data is still there, it’s good, I dont have to worry about. Just to be careful since Saturday I constantly backup my data on Github and Google Drive.

The annoying bit is that I use LS mostly for work. It’s very convenient to have on a light laptop the processing power that you offer. And I was actually uploading some big bits of important data when you guys decided to tell us that finally the Update will be today.

How the hell could I guess that you didn’t done it last Saturday? Why I don’t have any notification in my mailbox about this?

I would like to be able to do something about that. I’m about to lose a full day of work and I feel like there is an issue on your end. I’m very patient and never said a word about connections issues or whatever but this is pretty huge communication mistake that cost me much more money than just my subscription. Ok it’s a beta, but it’s a beta that we pay for and that’s not something that happened just like that, it was planned and I didn’t had any notification.

I didn’t find the support button. I don’t want to spend 15 minutes to look after it, it should be obvious. So somebody from the costumer support could tell me what are me options here ?

**Ongoing Server Maintenance UPDATE 9/16 11:25AM EDT**

I can’t Shutdown my SkyComputer and my Skycredits are lost. This Update is preddy shit.
What do I pay for this!


I don’t have the timeout option on, does this mean it’ll just eat away at my skycredits? Zzzzzz


It should be on by default, i’m not sure what the default is but i don’t think its more than 5-10 minutes or so. I am getting the same issue now myself so I will keep you updated if i find a way to shut it off.



I turned it off manually a while back so it’d be great if you find another way to turn off the skypc.


Update: I kept trying and mine turned off on the 5-6th attempt!


Wow, I’ve been trying for a while and nothings happened I guess i’ll keep trying
thanks for the update


No problem, i’m actually loading it back up now haha! Silly me!


I’m stuck on shutting down sky pc. I have also tried waiting for the timeout but it doesnt work and my sky credits are wasting away