I cannot shutdown my skypc


This seems like a known issue, you have to keep trying and hopefully it will work, it did for me!


Update: I got my skypc to shut down by deleting the skypc. Only bad part is if you have games rip


Update: I got the same error again, so don’t delete ur pc waste of time xD


I nearly lost 35 Sky credits (i-e 35 minutes of gaming) Liquidsky team please work on this … And I want my lost Sky credits back Liquidsky give me my lost credits :angry:.


Hi @Mudassir2,
I understand your frustration, from past experience I can tell you that LS are very heplful in these situations. Please just sit tight for now and once the issues have been resolved they will look at the impact is has had.



It won’t even switch off with the 5min thing

WTF am I supposed to do


I’m having the same issue. Paying monthly customer here. I’m building a new gaming rig as soon as TomsHardware comes out with their new “best builds” list. LS is ridiculous.