I can't buy prestige or + plan


Hi, I’m a liquidsky subscriber.
I have a question about the new prices, i read what the mods wrote about that subscriber of the old plan can’t buy the begginer plan and just prestige and prestige+ ( if i’m right ) but i can only buy the begginer plan.
And other question, i received the email about my subscription is about to expire but it appears to renew my subscription in the email, when i touch here it sends me to buy 5000 skycredits, can i buy 5000 from it??
Thks for my attention.
( i don’t know how to dend screenshots from liquidsky srry )


You will have to cancel your old monthly plan if you want to subscribe to the Prestige/Prestige+ plans from what I can tell (since you are currently grandfathered in at whatever rate you are now). Beginner (the new PAYG) is locked out for you as long as you still have older rolled-over credits from your plan (though keep in mind rollover does not apply now so for your plan you will have to use your monthly credit allotment or loose it).

EDIT: You can top off on credits as a monthly subscriber with the new plans- these will rollover.


If i understand the begginer plan should be locked for me but when i clic in the begginer plan to buy it, i go to xsolla and when i touch to buy with paysafe it appears for me to put the paysafe code and buy it.
Thks for you attention.


I’ll check this with staff- but as far as I know as a subscriber you should be able to top off on credits with a PAYG package if you run over your monthly allotment (keep in mind I’m just a user with moderation privileges to keep these discussion platforms clean).


Understood, thks for all your replies and attention until there.
And srry if you don’t some things i wrote, english isn’t my main language.


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