I can't pay with paypal [SOLVED]


Hey, i just tried to pay a PAYG plan using paypal, but when i purchased the plan, this appeared:Capturar Even though it charged me the 5.66, but it didn’t got the PAYG plan nor the credits, what should i do?


Have you tried contacting xsolla yet? If not it’s worth doing as they manage the payments


I just sent they a ticket, now i just wait


Like, the problem is that they charged 5.66EUR to my paypal, but i only have 4.41EUR at my account, and even if i get the rest of the money to my account, as i alredy used the discount code, i can’t use it again, and so, i will have to pay another 5.66EUR


Don’t send them a support ticket for Xsolla, call them instead (I use them when I got an issue months before I became mod trying to renew and they got it fixed in 10 minutes)

Phone number for support (number will be different where you live)


From now on I am oficially a payed user of liquidsky :wink:



Did Xsolla phone support helped out?


Apparently my paypal account only had 4.41EUR, but the credit card that was added to my paypal account wasnt used, for some reason, and it said that the purchase was 5.65EUR, but actually it only payed 4.41EUR, so i tried again to purchase the plan, but using only the credit card, and it worked(i did had to pay 10EUR because the discount code can only be used once)


You should still try to contact Xsolla support by phone. Maybe they can charge your credit card with that first purchase, too, so that you’ll still get the 50% discount. Then you would end up with 3000 credits for 14,98$. Not too bad, either. :wink: