I feel cheated with the new policy price


I had 9000 credits

Now I actually have 4500 because they spend in double time

In a month, if I don’t pay a bribe? Revolutionary tax? For 15$
I’ll lost all my credits.

It’s the best strategy to keep your most fidelity clients


The fact they chose to discard all credits still hold by previous customers like me is a middle finger in the face, a betrayal of trust, and I’m not sure about how legal it is either.

I don’t even mind the price increase that much, but I should be able to keep what I paid for.


i would be okay with this if they have a dedicated gpu like other services


16000 here.

And they’ll expire if I don’t add more like you.

And in the future, no roll over I believe. So don’t forget that, the new credits have a 30 day window.


They basically have in their ToS that they can change any plan at any time to anything and remove any credits at any time from anyone for any reason :confused: legal or not I don’t know.


Guys, read through some of the other threads. We will be working with users on a case-by-case basis if they are still active, but haven’t made a purchase since April 1st.


Post on forum should be not treated like official statement. For me, staff can promise everything on forums, but email with new price policy is official LiquidSky statement. If we get another email we MAYBE can accept this.

Simply say:


Guys… If you are working with or in annoyed users.

I’m a annoyed user and active if you look your logs access to yours VMS or last login in your liquid sky app

I didn’t need a mail warning which annoyed me

Should i open a ticket to keep my credits?
Should I open a ticket to double my tickets or redeemed a compensation?


They can put within their ToS whatever they want, but they cannot break the law regardless of what they put in their ToS.

In the European Union it’s illegal to increase the price of a service after you have paid for it, it’s illegal to end it unilaterally without compensation, especially when on a short notice.


Skycredit policy update has been changed (once again) due to community feedback, please read:


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