I got charged for 26$ --- need refund asap


Hello everyone, I for the first time a month ago payed 14$ for the gamer package, my credits were finished today so I bought the gamer package with 4$ Discount but, instead of charging me 10$ I got charged for freaking 26$ I don't know why, here are some proofs.

As you can see above I got double charged I don't know for what, and down below you can also see that I paid my 14$ for first month. I really need help here, here are some other proofs:


This is more of an issue with the payment processor Xysolla so you'll need to contact them but my advice cancel your debit card that was used for the LS purchase to prevent future charges then after getting a new card and link it inside your bank account to an account with no balance then just transfer enough money for LS every month to prevent this sort of thing because it's exactly what I do.


Alright but, how do I get my refund?


Just talk to Xsolla support through their live chat service and as I've just asked them myself now they need a screenshot showing the Transaction Number which you have so all you need to do is explain the situation and they'll surely refund the money.

Below is the link to their support site and just scroll down and look for the live chat.

Xsolla Support



They are not giving me the refund Admins I really need help :frowning:


Hey Khizer,

Please check your inbox and respond with the relevant information for us to assist you!

Thank you.