I got email from liquidsky for skip and pay but not able


Want to get ahead and experience Beta now? Sign up for any of our tiered plans, and youll get instant access to our exclusive Beta!

i got this email from liquidsky but its does not let me to pay please help me to get in



As of the 6th of January this month Liquidsky closed subscriptions to its service until its release out of beta in February or March.


You have to wait for March or watch out for news and get the opportunity to sign up for testing . Those who bought the tariff until January 6, can use the service.
A message about skipping this bug. At the moment, the influx of new users is closed due to the global update.
You can get acquainted with the new system while waiting https://www.dropbox.com/s/xca284yn77s0anj/LiquidSky_CES-PRESS-DECK.pdf?dl=0


Hello alright i see

but in my country i dont think many users so server must be free and support of liquidsky very bad 3 days continue contacting but nobody reply your back even any message any email or any twitter or reggit

i tried all they must have support and if they not release than why for some peoples ?

if open than open for test for all

thats not good

they must reply and i see before like 3 hours one user posted i got access how ?

if there someone help me out


Not quite right understood your message. Beta Key 3 hour give out to the old system. Also, the chosen people will be able to try the new system . Because of the training servers to a global update . Issuance of new beta key can be stopping or not . The team is now busy working on a new system, and feedback can be bad.