I got sky unlimit and not got bad conection


hello, my friends give me this program and i purchase, my friend in games got 4-8 ping/ms , me 25.. and latency is so bad for me.. and i hace same system with my friends.

i got good pc and 300mg.. why? sorry my english. thx


Few things:

Which server are you connected to? How far away are you from it?

Are you sure your entire bandwidth is going to running liquidsky? No other downloads?


300mg i got in my net.. i7 24gb ram .. my friend got low net and pex and run so good, me not. i got london or germany 35ms, in liquid, but join in one game and latency so bad and ping too.. my friend in my country got liquid too and good.. (sorry m yenglish)


Which game? Sounds like something within the game and how your SkyPC is handling the game.


Last Chaos. I got all same my friend, pc good, same country, same server (london or germany) my net is 300mg etc.. only dowloand game, same my friend and... idk but is so low, latency so bad. FPS patetic 15-30... and ping too bad.. some got team viewer and see? .. i pay 40 € and ... waste?


Your friend is playing the same game?


yes .... and they play so good.. me not u.u


I can't help you man. Might want to get in touch with support.


Hey David,
All you are repeating you got 300 mg of something and you are feeling bad about it. Can you be more specific about where are you located and what DC are you connecting to? If you can't disclose this information, you post may be flagged for scam. If you speak other language, feel free to post in your native language.




24 gm RAM
8350 amd 4 ghz
Sli 960
My net 300 MG
my country Spain, Valencia

In LiquidSky i take London or Germany country
in cmd i take ping + IP game i play , and i got 20-25 ping. My friend live in Spain too, Valencia and he got 6-12 Ping. My latency is bad .. 40-70.. and my friend got max 20 latency... (he got normal pc)

this is all detalls... and resume.. not "work" for me liquidSkye..
ah forgot, FPS are bad too...

i play one game "low" with my friend.

Help plz? Regards


He is trying to say that the latency to the data center he uses is too high.


try to change the decoder, I got a good ping, I live in Valencia too


i change and na.. same :confused:


Amigo la pc que tengas no importa, probablemente es por que usan el internet en tu casa, yo juego perfectamente con 40 de ping, aveces pega picos de 70 cuando me usan el internet


24 gm RAM
8350 amd 4 ghz
Sli 960
My net 300 MG

Con esa pc para que queres liquidsky :v al lado de tu pc liquidsky se queda corto lo se por experiencia


pues es verdad ese pc es mucho mejor xD


pero aunque tenga buen pc o internet con 1 gb de internet debería irme mejor no ? a mi amigo le va 5-10 ping y latencya y a mi no, no entiendo el por que.... y es verdad, fps con el mio mejor pero con el liquid va un pelin mejor latencya y ping pero vamos que... es que me han tangao 40 euros?