I have credits but I can not start a computer


That’s just the title i have credits but I can not start a computer , I wanted to know if there’s any way I can do it and if you have to teach me please thank you right away.


You will have to be specific.

Where are you trying to connect to (server)? What is the error message?
What device? (PC or Android)
Are you connected to Wifi or Ethernet?


I’m on the PC, it’s the following, I have skycredits but it does not have an option for me to create a skycomputer or for me to start one.


Can you screenshot it? I think I know where this is going, but I need to be sure…


Ok, I’ll get it here, but I do not have many skycredits I think it should be so I do not enter my account for a long time and when I entered they appeared there, I was happy and I looked for where to start only that I did not find



Nevermind, just send in a ticket: (its likely account related which I don’t have authority over it)


EDIT: yep thought so (saw the screenshot) - send in a support ticket and they’ll take care of it


What do I say in the ticket?


What issue you are having, and the screenshot should suffice
Just fill out the form (its self explanatory)


Okay, thanks for everything by now.