I have one question about credits


I have one question.I have 5795 credits,so when my sub.end 13.11 my credits will be deleted?Thank you


Depends upon how many skycredits you get per month (assuming you are on a monthly plan)- once your subscription ends any unused skycredits from your monthly allotment will not carry over and won’t be usable. You will be downgraded to the Beginner Plan, and your skycomputer will be deleted to accommodate the storage downgrade. I would recommend asking support however- I’m not exactly sure how much of your skycredits are before the new pricing plan, but if memory serves they should burn at the original 1/2 rate, but you will need to keep an active account (burn one skycredit at least once every 3 months to prevent deactivation).


Ok,thanks.I bought ps4 and i dont play on liquid sky often.After my subs.end 13.11 i will stop using liquid sky


Yeah i have prestige plan


@NixCro all the unused SkyCredits that you have once the subscription ends will be removed from your account.