I having fps drop while playing AC Unity


I having fps drop while playing AC Unity. What could be the reason for this?


Which sky computer u r using? I mean the plan


Oh so do I, I am using the Ultra package.


U also gets fps drop?? And only for AC unity?


Exactly, the reason I think is because the game is too buggy, It's not liquidsky it's Ubisoft itself, the game is not stable on PC..


May be . But it's playable right??


Yea it is. You can play it but with some little problems.


U know it's my dream to play unity I hope I don't face any problem


It's gonna run normally, and yea the march update will bring more better Gpus, so Unity will run smoothly.


This game is well known for being a bugfest. The steam community forums for this game has a few threads about dealing with this issue there was alot to cover but if it's not your connection apparently you can dive into settings and some files to make it smooth.


I can wait till march


I get a maximum of 20 fps when playing the game. I think it's not normal.


It is normal Azkaban.
The current hardware equals to less than a GTX760.
Just Cause 3, Watch Dogs 2, The Division and all the modern games run on sub-30 FPS. (15-20)

There is also a problem with CPU, GPU and IO sharing that causes hiccups and stutters. Ian mentioned this, and it's fixed in the new service.

The new service will be much more powerful.
Just wait until then.


It looks playable.


I play AC Unity on LS and I don't have any fps drop


I have never played and is a dream for me to play it


But this is Ultra Server.


I would venture to guess you are talking about the random freezes?


No I always get 10-20 fps


Was this 720 or 1080??