I keep getting password reset emails


I can’t figure out why. My best guess is that somebody with my email has discovered I have LS access and wants in, but I would think that they would think of more nefarious means first. I fear that eventually, more nefarious means will happen and I wish to stop it before it is too late. Even if it doesn’t come to nefarious means, I would at least like to stop getting password reset emails about it. As is likely obvious, I have no idea where to post this.


Hmm thats strange! I wouldnt worry though, even if it is someone trying to get into your LiquidSky account, they wont get anywhere without access to your email. Considering they are sending password requests to an area where only you can see and they cant shows they probably aren’t the brightest haha!!


I received a password reset email earlier today you aren’t alone


@yackar Could you confirm if these are recent emails. This bug was present about two weeks ago but it has already been fixed. Please post a screenshot showing the date if it is just so recent. Thanks.



Thanks Yackar. About how many of these have you got since Sept 15?


I’m not one for deleting emails, so this should be adequate.


Thanks Yackar. I’ll forward this to the team for checking.


I keep getting these as well. And just got another one today.


See screenshot from me.


Can you open one of them and expand the details?