I´m very disappointed!


I´m here to let off my steam as politly as possible and I hope one responsible person from Liquidsky will read this.

Today I received the EMail from you telling me there will be changes to pricing policy. You recently did a survey where at least to me it seemed like you gave us the option to choose which pricing model we would like to see. Now despite 79% according to the survey have voted for the unlimited plans you introduce the other option. As the reason for that you tell us you made the decision since you don´t have enough resources and it would open risks for your company and customers. So to be brutally honest with you that is something you could have known before you asked us about unlimited plans in the first place. And the least thing you could have done is keep the old pricing model at least! And I´m not going to rely on the promise that you would still work to do unlimited plans one day because who knows when that will be.

That already made me angry but I could have lived with no unlimited plans and it´s only half the issue. But now you introduce the pricing model that only 21 % voted for and that in my opinion is definitly a price increase without much more value. On top of that I receive that EMail telling me that starting next month the credits I don´t use just blow up into nowhere if I didn´t use them until the next payment. So bascially if I don´t play for some time like I´m currently doing but I´m still paying I can´t just play more in return the next month. Also it seems like I can´t even buy more credits if I run out of them except for if I want to pay 14,99 for just 25 hours even less if I use pro which I do quite often.

I´m really disappointed and this recent changes will most certainly lead to me cancel my subscription and leave Liquidsky in the next weeks.


“So why did you decide to change the monthly plans?”
“Hello, I like money.”


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