I m very dissatisfied with Liquidsky


After trying multiple times to login to my cloudpc. I always get very slow pc on a proplan (allegedly it has 2x power then gamerplan). No game runs with 60 fps and 720p. I’M PAYING 45 € EVERYMONTH. When nothing changes im gonna leave. ( frankfurt server, proplan and android version ( my phone samsung s7 edge )).


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During peak time, performance can suffer quite badly. In most cases, it’s an issue with the stream. They’re working on a fix that should be released soon.
The performance of the cloud pc itself will most likely see an improvement soon, too.


I’m paying 45€… Dont hide behind “Its beta guys” they charge people 40$ for a service that doesent work.


Noone is hiding. That’s just the status right now.:slightly_smiling_face:
You can cancel your subscription at any time if you can’t use the service. But maybe you can also try to play more outside peak hours? I usually avoid playing between 5pm and 9pm, and get very good performance then.



Please send us a support ticket so we can get more information for you so that we can further isolate the problem.


It’s not really 2x the power, it uses 2x the resources so it’s 2x the price. On some games there will be no difference between gamer and pro as they use the same cpu and gpu.

Which games were you having issues with? I have only 1 game I have to run at 720p and everything on low and that’s the extremely badly optimized Arkham Knight.


Doom gta darksoul 3 bf1 …


That’s a bunch of games I don’t own, I can test the Doom demo.

Anyone getting better performance on these games to see if it’s peak related?


It is peak related. Sometimes i recive cloudpc that can handle my games from 2016 with solid 64 fps, 720p and everything on ultra and sometimes not. It is peak related, my problem with liquidsky is why are they adding new users when the servers cant provide it? and why they dont add a queue system? or dont let the non-vip users an accses to a cloudpc on peak times.


That’s a much more informative and constructive post, maybe the topic should have been about these suggestions.

You probably know they’re working on it and about to upgrade and blah, blah,blah. Not the most helpful response, I know, but unfortunately that is where the service is at the moment we’re kinda right before their next attempt at updating this service.

So not really much you can do at the moment unless you can avoid the peak times.


That’s the info we have atm:


Ok thx for fast reply guys

Kinda disappointed