I made a snap package for Linux



In case anyone else finds it useful, I’ve made a snap package for Linux that downloads LiquidSky.exe from the central servers, and runs it under a fairly recent version of wine.

In distributions that support snap packages, it can be installed from the edge channel in the central snap repository with just these two commands:

   snap install liquidsky-wine-unofficial --edge
   snap connect liquidsky-wine-unofficial:joystick

This should add a launcher for liquidsky-wine-unofficial to the user menus etc., but that command can also be run from the command line.

The code to generate the snap it is on github. It is simply a slightly modified version of the steamforwindows snap created by others.

As for how well it works; on my machine it “kinda sorta runs”. I have to click ‘skip intro’ (it stalls there.) All of the LiquidSky UI seems to work well. I can stream games, but anything except the lowest quality settings give bad tearing and stuttering.

I don’t see any reports from Linux users since maybe 6 months back. Maybe this is as good as it gets with the “new streamer”. If anyone presently streams to Linux in the good quality settings, please let me know, and share your wine config.

At the very least this snap can be useful for starting up/shutting down the skycomputer from Linux and for doing some configurations on the lowest quality setting. (I find this quite useful in that it is enough for installing/controlling other streaming solutions on the skycomputer that works better with Linux.)


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