I payed for a second account and didn't get th Skycredits


So i got desperate, i couldnt play with my main account cuz it was showing error http 401 so i created a new account a voila! i can log in finally, but when i payed the monthly plan for my second liquidsky account with the PayPal i used to pay mi 1st liquidsky account it told me this: "3042: A recurring subscription already exists with this account. Please wait until it expires to make a payment for renewal. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support for further assistance at help.xsolla.com." And my PayPal account says I've been billed. This is so not cool man, please help @LiquidSkyJustin @jason


Hey Zamuro,

I'm sorry to hear that! We'll be sure to get you all of your SkyCredits as soon as possible.

Can you please message me your LiquidSky Account Email so I can handle this.

Thanks and again sorry for the inconvenience!


Hey @LiquidSkyJustin the matter is resolved, thank you for the quick response, i was talking to xsolla and i took another look and my skycredits where added to my 2nd account, so its all ok now. On the same subject, is there anything that can be done for my 1st account error the http 401? I've deleted everething and reinstall and nothing so far. I did the 2nd accoutn thing cuz i was desperate, my weekend is fading away and i wanted to play some games, I know you guys are in beta and i know theres gonna be bugs nonetheless, just wanted to say the service is great despite the bugs (cuz its still a beta right?).


I think that means you used an incorrect password. I may be wrong, but it might be smart to reset your password.