I think I just solved the Mouse Lag problem :O


or It can be just my PC

Change the mouse options on your LiquidSky PC
Under the option tab
Set it to fastest pointer speed
then uncheck the Enhance Pointer Precision
and voila a huge imrovement on mouse movement
then play around with the game's mouse sensitivity option.
now I can play Paladins [FPS] better than before.

and also change the mouse pointer options on your PC to high speed.

I just hope It will work for everyone too.
If it does work please donate on my paypal: https://www.paypal.me/merlitz
just kidding :smiley:


Nice, will try it out. I don't have problems while playing, but in menus, the moise pointer does indeed lag a bit. Sounds like your fix might help.


It still doesn't make the mouse precise enough for Red Orchestra 2. When aiming downsight, you can't move slightly. It seems to move your mouse over a small "block" of space which makes this "pixel hunter" game unplayable.


Improved my experience, nifty. Thanks!


Cool suggestions, thanks, I am going to try this out right now.


hot to fix mouse lag in game???


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