I will lag with LiquidSky?



I want to test LiquidSky, but i don't have any key for the Beta so, for testing, i want to pay 5 USD for 10 SkyCredits and test.

The problem is that I live in Chile, the nearest data center is in Brazil (3500km away) and I have a 35Mbs/170ms ping connection to Brazilian cities (speedtest.net). It'll be playable with that connection?

Thanks for reading!


@estebanschanze from my understand you will lag. Says you need to be no more than 1500km away.


No, vas a estar muy lageado busca post de Chile, Argentina safa con 30 ms de respuesta, pero Chile tiene como 90-100, yo la verdad quiero que pongan un datacenter en Argentina o Chile


Try Dallas and California datacenter. You can get their addresses here, so you can ping: http://www.softlayer.com/pt-br/data-centers

Also, try Mexico. Sometimes, the path for these servers is better.