I'd really like a few credits compensation for today


Hey guys,

I'm a pretty patient person and I've been a pretty loyal customer for a number of months now.

However, today is Saturday, and thus it's a day in which people often game. Yet, I was unable to log in for a great portion of the day.

Now in the evening, your servers are laggy and there are massive frame drops and stuttering.

I am home alone and I have 30mbs internet. I can often play without any issues. Something is bugged on your side and its the experience I pay for that is affected.

If you could credit my account with 5 credits, I think that would be fair for the frustrations I've felt today.

Thank you.


Just because you chose to use your credits when LS was messed up is not their fault. I have unlimited and even then I said screw it and waited till the next day to play.


what data center are you connecting to and what messages/errors were you receiving?


Do you really believe that? I'm sorry man but I'm paying and I can't play everyday or anytime. The service is not as advertised and "beta" is not an excuse to treat customer credits as if they don't matter.

I'm asking for a few credits to make up for downtown.

It's not their fault? Whose fault is it? Mine?


Well tell you the truth you are responsible for your usage of credits. If your service is lousy, try a different time. Are you really trying to tell me that you spent 5 hours quickly logging in to see if the lag is over or not? It took me like a minute to see blurry picture and press the LS button to see hardly no quality so I knew to log off. In this instance I don't want to offend you but in my opinion (may be different from others) it is your fault. Sorry.

Beta also means to expect bugs so you expected a bug and wasted up all your time trying to play games while it is messed up.



I didn't log on for 5 hours straight.. it was 5 or so hours that I was planning to play that wasn't available.

You should hold companies you pay accountable. Just because it's beta doesn't mean my time isn't valuable.

It's an opportunity for them to do a solid. But I expect they will ignore this message entirely. They seem to be that kind of company.


Well the only assistance I can say is to try contacting support in a calm and understanding way but I kind of doubt they will do anything.