If i will unlimited plan, will it save on the launch of LiquidSky in march?


If i will unlimited plan, will it save on the launch of LiquidSky in march?


No you'll be "Grandfathered" I think the term is onto one of the two monthly plans likely the $9.99 plan and I believe unlimited users will get extra credits.


There wiil be no more Unlimited so no.


It's actually the other way around: existing $9.99 users will need to choose a new plan, but will receive some type of compensation. Unlimited users will be grandfathered, but restricted to the Pro performance package.



As you show Ian simply says that since the Unlimited plan will not exist post launch in march that current Unlimited users given a credit compensation package will be automatically moved to the pro package but nothing is explicitly stated about restricting them from elite.


The credit compensation is in reference to early adopters currently paying $9.99 for the old Gamer plan. Ian's message regarding special compensation is in response to this:

As for unlimited users, my interpretation of "Current Unlimited users will be grandfathered to the Pro performance package" is that existing unlimited users who can currently use the highest Ultra performance package will continue to be unlimited in March, but will be restricted to the new middling Pro performance package (which is 2x faster than the old Ultra, so they have nothing to complain about).

Otherwise, what would it mean to be "grandfathered to the Pro performance package?" "Pro" is a performance package, not a price plan. And if they were being moved to a new plan, they wouldn't be "grandfathered."