If you have a decent gaming PC


I understand LS lets you run on a low end PC, android device, etc. But what if you have a decent gaming PC and only game on the PC? i.e. I wouldn't use a tablet, phone, slow computer, etc to play games. Is there any benefit to using LS in this situation?


better multiplayer games I guess.


It can be used not only for games but also for complex programs in a way. The remote computer is very convenient. In the morning you can start the montage, rendering, etc. In a subway to connect with your phone and check the status, and weak laptop at work - continue to do something.
p.s Just need to add Undo off when disconnected . Provided that the loans will continue to spend.


IMO it's good if you have a good enough internet connection to run LS but not enough for streaming or if your games regularly patch :slight_smile:


So for me I would only anticipate using LS to play PC games on my gaming PC. In this situation I wouldn't really benefit from using LS correct?


I think so. If you don't need their internet speed nor their hardware power, there is no need for you to use it. But you already know LS exists so if you need to record games or any reason that you might need a second PC, you can use it.


Well, the games you'd run on Liquidsky are your own games so you could always give them a shot on your local machine and if they don't work, then play them on Liquidsky.


I think if you use a physical PC and only use a physical PC and have a decent rig and connection you are not the intended audience. If you have an average PC then you could run games far higher spec and FPS than you would normally run locally which could be good for you.

One of the main use cases for me is productivity and flexibility, so I have a laptop with decent CPU (i7) and an average GPU (860m) and although I can run most games at average specs at 60fps the laptop often overheats and if I want to alt + tab it can sometimes goose the games or take a while etc. So using LS lets me easily run games at higher spec than I would dare locally without the laptop fan creating jet engine level sounds while also being able to put the game in the background while I do other stuff.

So for example if I am playing Shogun 2 or Endless Legend, one of those long winded strat games, quite often I am left just using the in-game steam web browser while I wait for turns (I could run the game in a windowed mode but as I have a 3k res on the screen its a bit too small), so using LS I can just press F11, put it down the bottom corner, get on with the rest of my stuff then just press f11 to put it back on full screen instantly.

A lot of this is more niche but as someone who can run most modern games ok locally I still prefer the flexibility LS gives me around how I play my games. As I also have android devices I can start playing something on the PC, then if I need to nip out, just keep the game running and load it up on the phone and continue... the on screen controls are awful for me but other than that it is like having a nintendo switch that can run any pc games you want.

  • If you have a very powerful PC and you worry about the power bill / mind the heat.
  • The connection of the LS servers are much much more stable, faster.
  • Americans and some other regions of the world have data caps. You can try any game here, even 100gb ones, and don't worry about the download size.

And the list goes on.
Last but not least, the entire point is that you don't need a gaming PC anymore.
Of course, you will have a moderately powerful PC, because you are an enthusiast. But instead of spending thousands of dollars on a PC, you will just use LS for your gaming sessions.

Such PC for normal use will last for years. Meanwhile, LiquidSky will get upgraded every now and then.


Thanks for all the info everyone. I guess for how I would use LS, it wouldn't be much of a benefit right now to use LS. In the future when my setup starts aging, it may be more cost effective to go with LS rather than upgrading my system!