I'm going to shoot my balls


Open beta when I do not have credits I hate my life ... download it and notice how it runs for me


No baja de los 30fps en Alto 1080 :3


Era de esperarse de ubisoft


Who are you? Who know you? You are a Líder of the Forum? You made part from the support?, Who the Hell are you? I was whining at some point?
Poor toxic user without life


You have no argument, or do not know how to express yourself with your words? If you go to the forum to talk shit better do not enter, and clearly was warning that steep is free


Calm down, guys. Arsenic was just asking for someone to try the game's performance because he has no credits. No need to be rude. Ignore and move along.


So a person having no money means he's a kid? You obviously don't live in a country with low wages or where the dollar to local currency is too steep and would represent too big of a monthly investment. You had a chance to be the bigger man here and lost it. Arsenic has a right to make his posts. It does not give you a right to bash him. In fact I do not even understand why you feel so angered that you feel the need to be incredibly rude to him. The right approach would have been to be rational and ask respectfully to give a clear concise title to his posts. If you're not able to do that then the only other option should be to ignore and move on.


:joy:That is a Free for all section, I post a meme, You are so busy "working" to detect the humor of the post, You still have no arguments to get with me, You are a poor person and answering all my post and my answers and putting "Sorry admins" shows how crying you are, do you have work? Good for you but nobody asked you, you said it totally out of context, how funny and sad is your life:joy::relieved:


He can not, he does not have neurons, he behaves like an ape this is a "community" But he is so frustrated by something, sure family problems, he suffers from bullyng, he is a poor boy that needs attention, Who knows, I do not want to prejudge but this Man does not work, does he work because he does not buy a pc? Which is 10 times better than liquidsky and can last you 4 to 8 years?


Let me try to calm you down. ArsenicN, I would ignore your first reply, but since you insisted me to reply by provoking me with this

You have no argument, or do not know how to express yourself with your words? If you go to the forum to talk shit better do not enter, and clearly was warning that steep is free

I replied. I just made a deductive conclusion that you are a child, since you don't have any money for sky credits, since you are whining on the forum and since your humour is childish. As far as I understood, you are addicted with the games. No problem, I can give you a subscription, just PM me since I am feeling a bit sad for you, no offence.

Now you Jimmy, If not your absurdly ignorance you would follow up the comments below and you would have probably notice the one who was truly rude. I did not write anything wrong. Why the reality is hurting you so much? All I wanted is gentleman to keep his bad manners.


Honestly at this point you're both just making fools of yourselves and eachother so i am going to ignore this thread from now on and let you continue your little quarrel. You guys take care.


Yea guys and girls, you better shave your balls and keep'em clean.


Max, do not ever complain, you misunderstand it, that's not bad, but you can not enter a post and tell people "stop posting your child whining" I repeat in no time I complain, why before Buy it knew that the credits are limited and I am recharged every month, if I were an addict and would have paid again, and that I want to shoot the balls is a way of saying, I do not know how to understand the sarcasm in your country, you probably misunderstood me all the time, I always responded to what you put, I may have gotten a little out of control

At no time did I make an offensive post, I made a joking post about that I do not have any credits


Don't even reply. Oh oops I did :stuck_out_tongue:


Played some hours of this game. Works great in LS (using High plan). I actually didn't notice the settings but it ran at 40-60 fps (even after I turned vSync on). Beautiful game, but I don't know if it will be worth the money. I played like 8 hours during these past 3 days and I don't know how many more hours I would play. Just my 2 cents