I'm trying to get new Skycredits but theres no app to finish the payment


Hello i having a problem to pay with any payment method.
I recently switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and when i try to pay,
the LClient doesn’t open my browser to finish payment. How can i fix this? Here’s a screenshot but my language is set to german…


XSolla is having issues right now- please hang tight as it is being worked on.


i guess it is more a problem with windows cuz i can’t choose any app to open the next step.


What is your default web browser?

What payment method are you using?


I’m using Sofort Überweisung or mobile phone but it doesn’t matter which one i choose there’s always no app for the last step. I’m using Firefox and if i set my Standart browser to Edge, same problem


Does it also happen on Android too? That shouldn’t happen on that platform as well.
Did you send in a support ticket yet?


I’m French and new on liquid sky. I’ve just created my account and actually trying to purchase some game time. But when I click on it, it says " You will now be prompted to open up a browser window. Once completed, you may returnherre to continue using LiquidSky". But nothing happens !

What should I do ?


Yours is somewhat account related which I cannot advise here:
Send in a support ticket: https://liquidskysupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


I got it working by using another browser.


Envoyé de mon iPhone


Alright- going to close this thread to prevent necro. If you need assistance with something else feel free to make a new thread.