I'm very happy with this service!


Nothing… I made this thread only to say one thing: thank you, to everyone, for making this awesome service! Everytime I play, I get fun. Everytime I’m sad, the liquidsky service makes me feel better…
I’m very happy and satisfied with this great service and I really hope that it continues increasing and improving! I hope it becomes more more more famous! Keep continuing! You have realized my dreams and I can’t explain how I’m happy for this! I just wanted to say that… Thank you! You are the best!


bro…high ping, laggs or something like this ??? NOT ?


Please don’t instantly jump to conclusions- for some people this service works well. For others (such as yourself), it’s not as great as it could be. Such is the nature of a beta, and I hope you understood that this is a beta before you purchased anything. Otherwise, it is simply another case of caveat emptor.


I’m going so far as to edit your post, because it’s plain insulting. Please refrain from attacking other users, thank you very much.


@xEXEx If you have a specific issue, please reach out to customer service. Otherwise, let’s keep commentary as constructive as possible.



No, I don’t have any problems with this service! And even if I do (as I already had problems in the past) the staff is ALWAYS (and I really mean, ALWAYS) Available, friendly, and helpful! And in a really small amount of time they have always resolved any problems (even if they was few…)! So I can’t explain how I’m happy and satisfied! At least… This is my useless opinion/judgement… Please respect it… Thank you


Hasn’t been very good for me lately but I believe you. It used to be great for me. I think one problem I’m having is most of the time I can game these days is at peak time and my server is just plain overloaded(Washington DC). That is probably not the case with all servers. I did notice I still sometimes get good performance if I login during the day from my phone at work if I have that much time on my hands.


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