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I use a grandfathered access plan which I have no intention of giving up until such time as unlimited access is offered, if it is EVER offered. Meanwhile, there are months when I exceed my monthly allotment of credits.

In the past, there was a tab in the SkyStore to purchase additional access credits.
However, that option appears to have been removed.

Frankly, with all the whining going on, this whole thing has been very confusing.
So, the simple question is:

What option do I have to gain additional access should I exceed my monthly credit allotment?
Do I have to wait for the new month to begin or is there an interim solution?

Thanks for your attention.


The same way , skystore add-on


I’d like a response to this as well. I noticed there is an add on option which I assume is the beginner plan rebranded for subs.

Another couple questions I had that I was wondering about was if these credits purchased roll over, as I read somewhere that the beginner plan’s credits roll over. I’m also wondering if these credits will still tick down at the 1/2 sub rate.

Whatever the case I’m pretty sure I’ll burn through my last credits over the next couple days and I don’t renew until the 17th.

Thanks as well.


Top off credits to my knowledge roll over, however as for OP’s question I’m not too sure at the moment since there are older credits are kept since the new changes have gone into effect (anything accumulated before that is grandfathered in). All I can see is that the Beginner package is available at a discount to monthly members- I’ve reached out to Morgan to hopefully get some more clarity to this situation.

@Mikeylito For now it seems like you can purchase a Beginner package (if you go over your monthly allotment- remember credits don’t rollover now sadly) or burn into older roll-over credits, but I have reached out to Morgan for a more official response. Let’s wait until then if you guys can.


@Mikeylito what you are seeing is a UI issue. The way the code was written was to show “Add-On” for Prestige and Prestige+, and beginner for everyone else. The add-on package is the Beginner package at a discount. If you click Beginner and complete purchase, you’ll see the discount reflected in your browser. Sorry for the confusion!


also @liquidskymorgan

Thanks to you both for your responses.

Just to mirror back what I think I read, after my monthly allotment is consumed, I can purchase the Beginner package and use whatever credits that package provides. (Incidentally, the “UI” doesn’t specify the number of credits provided by the package, but rather the possible number of usage hours. Specificity would be better.)

As to the loss of rollover credits, that was CLEARLY specified in the policy notices and understood by me; so, as stated in the topic header, no arguments here. It’s a buyer beware situation, but, hey – as they taught us while we were growing up…


Thanks for both of your responses.


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