Increase bit-rate?


Hello gentelmen,

Started playing Witcher 3. Because of the very detailed open world (every object is moving, like grass and trees) the game looks very very blurry. My quality slider is at max. The Witcher 3 is the only game where the lack of bit-rate is noticeable.

Is there any chance I could increase a bit-rate myself via config files since you are not releasing any updates lately?


As of right now, we do not condone users increasing bit rate on LiquidSky through any means but the quality slider.

We will however be pushing a major update soon in the near future which may help remedy these issues.


Once we close down exclusive link registration, we will release the feature shortly after and all users should receive an alpha invite in their E-mail.

However, right now we will release a few more opportunities for those in other countries (such as Europe, Asia, etc.) to sign up and launch a few more links.

An announcement will be made on the forums and all other forms of social media once the feature is launched so stay tuned until then.


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