Incredibly highly unstable


Well i kinda knew it , i wanted to just try the skycomputer just to see if my internet conexion could handle it and i had to purchase the 10$ package just to see the image trembling really strongly and the computer disconecting every ten seconds. thx for not letting people see what they buy. i wasted 10$ and i would like a refund so much even if i know it’s not gonna happend , so thx a lot. if anyone know any way to solve this without changing the internet speed please tell me


I posted this knowing that i had the minimum requirements, so i couldn’t know it wouldn’t work before i try it…


What is your exact internet speed? What result do you get from, ping and dl/ul speed? What data center are you on, and how far are you located from it?


Ping 42ms , down 6.50mbps , up 0.70

Is there a way to get a free trial?

Im on the london data center and i live in paris so roughly 250km


My mistake , the distance is 344 km


Right, that’s really very lowspec. Your local network ping in particular is pretty high. Also, upload speed needs to higher, because as soon as any other app or device will access the network, e.g. your phone checking for emails, your connection will crumble.

Things you can do:

  1. use a wired connection
  2. use 5 GHz wifi instead of 2.4 GHz
  3. reduce quality. I’d suggest 720p 30 fps, 3 mbps.
  4. make absolutely sure there’s not a single other device accessing the network. No phone, no FireTV Stick
  5. kill all unneccessary processes on your pc.

And I strongly suggest you get faster internet in the long run at least. 6 mbps is really no fun nowadays, maybe you can find some special offer that won’t cost you more than you’re paying right now.


there is no better conexion where in my neighborhood and my supplier doesn’t carry 5ghz frequency…
Also i don’t know where i have to reduce quality in the app


Try to avoid Wifi too many loss packages. and when you launched your sky computer, click on the logo at the top left corner. Then you can click on the settings button to modify the quality presets.


Consider buying a new router then (they usually come with 5GHz bands), although I would wait until WPA3 is released officially for security purposes. Although ensure you’re getting the full performance of what you’re paying for. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re modem is bottlenecking your connection. I recommend just buying your own equipment as you don’t have to worry about fees in the long term, and ensure you’re getting the experience you desire. Although the upfront cost is high, I’d say it’s worth it :wink:


Anyway after i changed the quality to very low i got to play at least my game of csgo almost without problems. So thx for the time you allowed me,. Itsnoam still better than what my pc gives me right now