Input lag fx in android?


Hi im new in liquidsky but im play shooters games example:titanfall (1 and 2) battlefield 1 and more but i have a input lag move the view i do not know if it will be server or the control any fix for this?


At the moment liquidsky always has a slight lag and the reason for this can be alot of things. What type of android device? Internet speed? Distance from datacenter? There is alot of factors. The easiest way to check is try it on a different device, if you can, to see if that's better.

In android I've found slower upload speed can result in input lag yesterday I was uploading photos while playing ghost recon and it heavily delayed the input until the photos were finished. I'm talking 1-2 seconds before it responded. If the video is fine and the control lags I'd look at that.


Im not in my home in my home i have 15 mb of upload idk the download speed the device its huawei and the latency minimal 195-165 on sao paulo yea i need servers for latin america...


14ms is minimal. In the hundreds is quite massive lag, is that the correct liquidsky numbers or just other servers in that city?


Im playing finest titanfall 2 IW black ops 3 battlefield 1 very fine on huawei the controls perfect but the camara move its hard to shoot and aim ...


Im try make a video for this ...


I have a video of my input lag on android with on screen controls is the lag more than these?


Im make a video of titanfal 2 multiplayer from my huawei max settings and low settings



Hello, I just watched your video and you seem to be a bit misinformed about the difference between performance and latency.

As far as I can tell, you are experiencing high latency (indicated by your ping). Unfortunately changing ingame settings can only change your ingame frame rate (fps). The frame rate seems to be fine from watching the video. Liquidsky server with better hardware improve your frame rate, I think they are called ultra servers or something like that.

Your input lag comes from your high latency. This results in button pressed having a large delay to being executed.

To reduce latency, the following things come to my mind:
It should stay under 100 ms for a ok gaming experience.
1. Data center distance measured by your ping, select the nearest data center. But from your comment I get that you already did and since Sao Paulo is currently the only data center in whole of South America, you probably need to wait for liquidsky to open other data centers in your area.
2. Using WiFi can increases your ping, so try using a wired connection. Unfortunately you probably need an adapter for that since most android tablets don't have an ethernet port.

You can also try if it is better on your pc or if you can get on an internet connection with a lower latency (better ping).

I hope this was helpful for a better understanding your problem. Seems like liquidsky doesn't explain this (@LiquidSkyJustin) and seeing that users don't know this made me sad and write this.


Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


Also, you can request new data center locations here:
For informational purposes, in which area do you live?


Im live on chile i have 195-165 ms on sao paulo plz liquidsky make more servers D: