Input Related Issues Are Caused By Recent Steam Client Updates


Have been finding many Input related issues in steam client and steam games when using LiquidSky this last week or two.

After thinking LS overlay tools were messing with Steam Input I went back to local PC and am finding many issues there too.

This because of actually causing the bugs it claims to fix too manifest themselves and found rolling back to stable does not help fix.

All my old work arounds for fixing controllers to show as listed device in Steam Input no longer are working.

If your controller feels like it is not fully functional in steam and steam games recently, now you know why.

We need to wait for Valve to fix.

I think a LiquidSky steam user group or a Steam Universe subforum dedicated to cloud gaming could prove ver y useful for determining steam bugs from LiquidSky bugs.

Valve need to make it much clearer they fully support and encourage cloud gaming. One possible reason why they haven’t yet is they could be working on their own cloud gaming solution.

EDIT: After more testing can confirm we need to opt in to Steam beta client to have best chance of controllers being detected by Steam Input properly.


Generally speaking I would submit a bug report if this happens to you- had an issue with Warframe a while back. After a short while in the next update it was fixed :slight_smile:


Before I make bug report I am trying to get more LS users to confirm they are seeing what I am seeing regarding LS mouse emulation and not being able to see mouse cursor on skycomputer desktop as being a limitation when trying use desktop bindings when controller is configured through Steam Input to do so.

No issue can be called a bug until others confirm they have same issue and devs can reproduce.

Mouse cursor should be visible when using Steam Input to give desktop bindings to controller to make controllers work in desktop .

The only time mouse cursor should not be visible is when no controllers either virtual or physical are connected when touchscreen only input is used.

However getting to illustrate all this is hard just now because of the Steam Input bugs preventing steam client from detecting controllers as expected.

For example when using LS virtual controller it should be listed as Xbox controller in Steam Input and not anything like

Steam discussions are on fire because input related issues and is because of steam beta client updates, even when users are using stable client.

This directly related too what I have been seeing regarding having to restart steam or reboot PC after a steamvr beta update has been announced to get controllers detected by Steam Input as expected again! I do not use steam client beta or steamvr beta and so should not be affected like what I am trying to describe.

I will need to wait for Valve devs to fix Steam Input before I can try to make LS feature requests or bug repirts Have been told in another thread LS mouse mode and mouse cursor in skycomputer desktop are behaving as intended.

Nothing to do with my hardware config, having android mouse active or using third party softwares for remapping controller buttons to different actions. Which is what I was told by LS community in my " Shield Device" thread.

Steam bugs and LS overlay tools need fixing.

Mouse behaviour on skycomputer desktop needs redesigned.

I found an easy way to prove having android mouse and skycomputer mouse active at same time are not synced in any way which proves having android mouse cursor active in skycomputer is a bad idea. I start a new thread for that.


Interesting- but I’d say wait a bit before doing anything. If it is reproducible on your end (or consistently happens), then just file a report all the same, but be sure to be as specific as possible in your report (report everything- the skycomputer specifications [exact CPU and GPU model, Windows version and RAM] and your android device specifications [software and hardware]) so it’s easier for the developers to be able to fix (even if it seems redundant it could be the missing key).


Just grabbed a video which shows game crashing and other input related issues.

Waiting on YouTube to finish uploading but will share to get some advice after folks can see what I can see.

I was suspecting input issues were causing game to crash but this bid shows input related stuff happening without game crashing.

I am starting to suspect code masters are kicking VM users after 10-15 mins of racenet server time.

Is this a known issue with cloud gaming and code master titles?


Here is a video showing GRID Autosport running and evidence of USB devices being unplugged and replugged when in game. I use wireless controller but I think this gets “mounted” as a USB device somewhere along the lines for use in skycomputer

Latest steam client beta is used on skycomputer for steam input to detect my shield controller properly. This is not unique to skycomputer.


Not sure but I know certain devs will just ban VM users all together (take Warframe for example)
EDIT: Closers (En Masse Entertainment) (anime game)


Could be because skycomputer windows is not activated too


More likely for the VM than anything else. In the case of Warframe, this service actually used to run it until the Primed Streamline/Excal. Umbra hack. At that point the devs went into lockdown and banned datamining (sending a cease and desist to the user who was the go-to person for datamining). In the process all VMs were also banned for these cheating concerns. I don’t have Windows activated (using Enterprise and haven’t connected to the validation server in a while), but I can still play Warframe. Trust me, it’s NOT due to the lack of activation.



That point brought to mind how there a lot of virtual bots being trained to play video games. Could not find the Doom example that I was thinking of but managed to dig up


I think there was one of GTA V if I’m not mistaken. Warframe had an illegal bot program and other things in it’s early days but those have been patched by now I think (most of these needed you to modify game files). But yeah, sadly for cheating concerns VMs are generally suspicious (can’t seem to get BF3 running on the skycomputer) and might not run. Save for these exceptions most games SHOULD run, but again we can only test the games that we have or that other users try to run (even competitors probably haven’t tested ALL games due to the differing natures of various engines and legacy games).


Since LS is a GRID powered service we could use the list of supported games listed for *** as good indication of what games “should” run!?

It is fair too say *** is GRID flagship service.

I use LS on shield tablet and is absolutely awesome compared to *** for Shield. Having full access to steam client or any other PC gaming platform/storefront and windows desktop on an android tablet just totally floats my boat.

LS is my favourite cloud gaming solution because of android support.

Can I use LS on Surface 2 RT? (Working by workaround)

Remember that service uses different hardware than LS. To my recollection they don’t even use the same GPU. From my initial impressions of the service you’ve mentioned it’s like comparing apples to oranges. They are similar but not exactly the same. Please don’t confuse the two.


I see Nvidias own service as being not just a flagship service but a proof of concept.

I doubt Nvidia or game devs make games supported by nvidias cloud gaming service unique to that particular service. Nvidia are trying to ensure game support for all GRID services and not just the latest and greatest iteration of their flagship service.

Supported games in games list for *** for Mac,/PC will be supported in all GRID powered services, imo

I admit it is obvious we should not expect 120fps when using other services using older GRID infrastructure and technologies. We can expect game to run though if it is listed ad supported game for the PC version of nvidiss cloud gaming service


I personally doubt it, since doing that would be at odds with their own agenda. Please stop discussing competitors at this rate, as it has completely detracted from this thread’s original point.


@VirtualCrazeeCatMan As a reminder, we can be vague and say things like “a competitor,” but calling them out and especially linking to them is against the rules.


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