Interesting.. So I have to spend 1 credit per 90 days


to maintain my credits?

I am currently waiting for a new datacenter at East Asia, especially at Seoul. However, with new purchase system, I can’t just wait for the new center and must use a skycomputer only for maintaining credits.



What latency are you getting through HK?
This rule was set out to make sure people aren’t being in active for 90 days.

Data center expansions probably won’t happen until bugs are fixed and client updates like Mac are addressed. There is a server location for Seoul, SK (through IBM), which is good news


More than 80ms, unable to play online games like Overwatch or League of Legends. I checked in-game latency at LoL and it was 200ish.


I would say depending on your current situation you should probably pause/cancel your sub (making sure that if you haven’t made a purchase since April 1, 2018 to do so (before July 2, 2018) to keep your existing purchased skycredits)

Just keep in mind the 90 day rule, until data center expansions happen.