Internet Connection Error everytime I start Heroes of the Storm


Hi ,

I am trying to play Heroes of the storm always says internet connection error cannot connect.
Its happening like 10th time. Can you please solve this issue ?.
Its quite frustrating after buying the credits



This is a major issue on Skyomputers. Known from long time, but nothing has been done with this for now. You Currently can’t play HotS, most of origin games and many new games.

I wait for fix of this too, but probably it not comes soon, because like one of staff member say LS team doesn’t know why this happend.


I think the problem could be the way the LiquidSky network connections are set up. These are done through proxy servers, which may cause issues with certain games. It’s the prime reason why you can’t run Warframe even though it could hypothetically. It might be the case of HotS as well.


Add “Mad Max” to the list. Disconnected at every launch.


I’m also getting frequent disconnections even during games that are running. Just got another disconnection during a round of Red Orchestra 2.


Are you using wifi? If so, 5 GHz, 2,4 GHz? And how far are you from your router?

I get disconnected on very rare occasions, but never when using ethernet, or when I’m close enough to my router.


No. Ethernet. Again, it’s not the user. From LS’s recent post regarding upcoming server fixes:

“We expect to alleviate some of the connectivity issues and overall server performance with this new storage system.”


It’s happens for me too, but it’s not normal disconnect. After renew connection, all opened apps are closed. If disconnect happens because no internet for short time i can back to game normally and continue playing. In this case sky computer is restarting.

Same thing happens when we kill streamer.exe. Maybe some games causing streamer.exe to shutdown (Maybe clue)


Happened to me, too, now. Rebooted my whole SkyPC.
Maybe tomorrow’s maintenance will help. It’s supposed to fix some connection issues.


Just got freakin’ disconnected again. After waiting fifteen minutes to get into a Red Orchestra 2 game, I get disconnected after about three minutes.

This sh*t needs to get better and soon.


Is there any update for this ? I always get this error and I am losing credits everytime… #Heroes of the Storm #Disconnection always


I have similar problem with Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s crazy. The only purpose I bought this game and LS credits was to play it on LS so I’ve just wasted my money. That’s really not OK and I think I should get some kind of refund but I don’t have time to fight with LS support.

BTW: is there any reliable list of games working on LS without issues?


Hello Mateusz,

We are working on a fix for this problem and a bunch of games should work after we implement it.
I don’t have a complete list of the games that are getting fixed so if the game you bought still doesn’t work, we will be happy to issue a refund.


Add “Middle-earth: Shadow of War” to the list


Add"Assassin’s Creed : Origins" to the list :frowning:


Add Injustice 2 to the list