iOS support with Mfi compatiblity


Hi, I don't have an android device but I have an iPad. it would be sweet if iOS is supported.


I second that. An iOS app was something they originally planned for and advertised, but it appears to have been shelved sometime last year.


iOS is not supported. We all know that.


Try Remotr (it's free), i tried it out Yesterday.
Latency & speed is just as low as on the local device, although the quality of the video feed of Remotr was pretty low.
But haven't tried the control scheme of Remotr, just watched the video feed of Remotr on my iPhone 5s and used my X360 controller on my local device.

For sure playable!


Remotr also supports MFi controllers. It works pretty well running from LiquidSky. I just hope they add PS4 or Xbox One (Bluetooth) support (or that LiquidSky does when they release their iOS app).


It's a bit absurd Apple allows remotr and denied a liquid sky app...


I agree completely! Besides, Apple doesn’t seem to care too much about games and gamers, so why would they care if another remote desktop app lets them play games?