iPad App...Please



I think it would be brilliant to have a LiquidSky iPad App.........Please :smiley:

Best Wishes


Not gonna happen anytime soon. Ian confirmed in the AMA that Apple doesn't want a LiquidSky iOS app on their App Store. Maybe in one or two years when the company has grown enough, they'll be able to convince Apple to let the app in.


Thank you Jimmy.

Perhaps there will be a way to run LiquidSky through a browser safely by then :smiley:


LS started as a browser into the skyPC but was quickly scrapped. The performance just isn't yet available in the browsers to make something like LS run with near non existing local latency. So my guess is it won't return for a long time.


I would buy a iPad right now :slight_smile: if i seen Liquidsky App


Onlive had the same problem back in the days.
They also couldn't get their app in the store.
Shame that Apple makes it hard for developers to get this kind of Technology in the App Store.


Not kidding,

But i can tell you now a couple more iPad sales would go through myself included :stuck_out_tongue: .. if they would allow liquidsky to run


I wonder if HTML5 and WebGL 2.0 these days can make this possible again :wink:


No. HTML5 and WebGL hasn't advanced much in the last 2 years.


Tried out Remotr on LS & an iPhone 5s and is the speed running just as fast & the latency is just as low on a local machine. No notable differences.
Although the video quality of the feed isn't that great on the Remotr app, the response and latency is very low and for sure playable.

See what i wrote on: https://community.liquidsky.tv/t/release-of-ios-app/2856/13


It even has MFi controller support. They could build in support for PS4 or Xbox One (Bluetooth) controllers as well, but I doubt that will happen any time soon.


Here's a small short example of Remotr with LiquidSky (on a very VERY low end pc with a Intel HD GPU, not even a HD 4000)

Sorry for the shaky cam and the short video, i had only 2 minutes left before my Sky computer ran out of credits. :slight_smile:



I would be remiss if I didn’t speculate as to Apple’s motives in not wanting an app like this on the iOS store.

I think they view it as a threat to their whole ecosystem. Apple wants to sell more powerful machines each and every year. This in turn keeps you using their ecosystem of apps, etc.

LiquidSky (and OnLive before it) proves that there is potentially a much better way. We only need a good enough internet connection and a device capable of decoding video streams, and you have a computing on demand model for consumers.

Computing on demand is certainly nothing new, but few have really tried to bring it to the masses in such a simple, convenient way. I see a future where most apps are ran in the cloud, irrespective of ecosystems, and that would certainly threaten Apple in a big way.