Is hongkong data server down or its is impposible to connect from indonesia


sooo… i just bought the 3000 sky credit pack hoping that liquid sky can help me with my low end pc problems but everytime i started the cloud pc it says failed to connect to skycomputer is it that the data server on hongkong is down or its is just impposible to connect from indonesia


I’ve just tried, and got in 1st try on Pro plan.
“Failed to connect” usually indicates a network issue, like e.g. a stubborn firewall. Public networks in particular often block streams like this.
Things you can try:

  1. use another device (e.g. Android phone)
  2. use another network
  3. (only!) if you’re on Windows 10: disable all 3rd party firewall & antivirus - Windows Defender is pretty good by now, and 100% compatible with LiquidSky

Also, what is your network speed according to (dl, ul, ping)?


ping= 29 ms
dl = 22 mbps
ul = 5 mbps


Ok, speeds are fine. I’d suggest you try another device and/or network, and see if it wotks.