Is LiquidSky doing better? enough to resubscribe?


Hi, I was in these forums a week or two ago but I couldn't find a reason to renew on this coming 3rd. Since I still have a subscription to last into next month I was wondering about where the project's state is. As far as I can tell it seems like they sped up the SSDs/Proccessors because it seems like everything works faster on THAT end. Now my complaints. I still can't play Dirt 3 and I contacted. Support said they would investigate it and get back. Well Dirt still does not work and I have received nothing from support. :frowning: I also get video lag in Ark: Survival Evolved and Transport Fever. Those are very new games and I want to play them mostly although I still do have Skyrim and Online and a few other games. I have actually been able to get into ultra almost the entire time since new people are not just flowing in. I also know that on Jan 6th they are not going to allow new users to register and current users will get a GPU upgrade so I may be thinking that with that new GPU it will quit lagging and blur freezes. I am confused on the pros and cons and could someone tell me IF they have actually seen anything dine or are they just pulling my leg and just try to go for the money instead of quality for the customer.

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I haven't noticed any difference in SSD speed. Dirt 3 has always worked for me. I never had a problem with LS so I can't say much, but the only cons for me are the GPU vRam and the random freezes. Hoping to see if both issues get fixed in the Jan 6th upgrade.
I don't think they are "pulling your leg", but maybe you should rethink if Beta test and Cloud Gaming is something for you.


Decisions..Decisions,,, hard to make.


Liquid sky is far off from running perfectly, I'm not really sure how they're gonna fix all of It, I use PS Now which always work well with no tearing even on wifi, yes its not a desktop but its the same concept, just a shame LS can't run the same, if you have 1 client of liquid sky that runs bad on wifi and 1 client of PS Now running on wifi that works flawless, kind of questions the challenges they've yet to face, I think liquidsky is still a couple years off from being that perfect service that just works in any shape or form, I even think they should come out with their own hardware that u just plug into a tv or monitor to eliminate the hardware issues ppl face with different laptops and what not, if its designed and optimised for 1 hardware, dev time would be so much faster


i found this on there Facebook Paige not sure whats in the update but looks like they are planning something As the year comes to a close, we are launching one last blow out sale to finish the year off right!
This will be the LAST CHANCE to buy access to LiquidSky, as we will be returning to closed access after January 6th in preparation for our massive rework update in February!…/last-chance-sale-buy-now-regist…/


Please read the entire post on top because it got hidden by the community was not bashing LS completely. I was weighing the pros and cons of it and simply asking for opinions. This post is not violation to any rules of the forum.


Well I have decided to give them another chance so I will pay another $39.99 hoping that this January 6th thing will be something that makes the service better. I think the hardware upgrades may help a lot with my performance issues on certain games.


But I thing I love about it is it flexibility, open system, and how it includes so many OSes and platforms, I have Geforce Now that runs great with hardly any issues, but it's closed catalog like most cloud services and I can only use it on my Shield Tablet. I think having a closed system would be harder, because you have to get these companies to agree to put their content on the service and their is other background work as well. And using proprietary hardware would only cut out more consumer and they need as many consumers as they can.

But that's just my opinion, I understand where you are coming from though. The same things you're talking about I enjoy on Geforce Now, but Geforce Now has many complaints mainly the limited options of games, no multiplayer, and the updating of the games.


My thoughts are, if you don't have gamer machine at home, Gamer subscription, 80 hours a month is definitely worth it for 10-15$.

To subscribe to unlimited 40$ a month, they would really need to fix resource distribution among users.

On busy days, weekends, holidays, Battlefield 1 is crashing every half an hour. Everybody calls this "bugs" but these are pure resource issues. Game even gives errors like 2GB of video memory not available, textures not loaded etc.

Ultra users need a guarantee that at least, minimum 3GB of video memory is always reserved, allocated, exclusively to a player, we need less players occupying single SSD drive, and we need new updated Nvidia drivers.

Only then, crashes, freezing, lagging will stop.

Future, we would need, better FAQ, there is known issue with Origin installation that, bricks Sky Machine if not handled properly ( disable Web Helper in Origin App, and Origin update that re-enables web helper if app updated), these server issues, affecting thousands of users are not addressed officially at all. Origin as Steam is a default gaming utility that needs to be supported throughout.

There is also known issue with their latest "new, updated" Nvidia drivers, that are already obsolete, that will not allow to run some new games like Battlefield 1 ( at all ) and Call of Duty infinite warfare ( without crashing ) without command in CMD ( move c:\windows\system32\nvapi64.dll c:\windows\system32\nvapi64.dll.bak )

If they address these performance and support issues, Unlimited could be worth it, as you could use Sky Ultra to run demanding apps, streaming services like Plex, VMware Workstation etc.


I'm intrigued to find out your environment for Dirt 3 @dstatusw - I've bought the game simply to play on here and can never get it working no matter what I try.

I've also discovered that it generally just doesn't work in Windows Server 2012 R2 which is the operating system all of my SkyComputers have been so far.

Any help would be much appriciated


Don't forget that they are only announcing something this January in prep for their massive rework. I would view that as there is a high chance of not being able to get your hands on the new features until or at some point during the rework. At least you will be able to be one of the first to test and help feedback which I see as a huge positive :slight_smile:


The only thing different I had when I installed Dirt 3 is that I had to open it windowed. Nothing else. I'll try to install and run the game this weekend to see if it still runs.


@WDSnav91 I've worked out how to fix the Dirt 3 issue - see for details how!


PSNow usually looks really good, but the lag is really noticeable, i tried a few games and found them almost unplayable due to it. If they could get the lag issues fixed it would be really good.


interesting, I didn't get lag at all when I played it through my ps4, I played dead space 2 on ps now and it was like I had the disk! strange that you encountered lag, maybe its a pc thing and optimisation to hardware