Is my computer banned?


On my previous account I downloaded the game from torrent and got a ban. When I log in from another account, I get a message “Sorry, you’ve been banned”. I even agree to pay again and use licensed games, can someone help me?


Yes, your account is Banned due to a DMCA violation when you violated the Terms of Use of LiquidSky when you downloaded an unlicensed game from a torrent site.


I understand this (I checked my email), but when I tried to log in to another account, I received the same message.


What if you’re Computer is Banned from LiquidSky like a hardware ban, might be this if it’s still giving you the ban message


yep, i tried delete “liquidsky” folder in %appdata% and create new account and i still received same message


So can i use LS again or i should not even try it?


Much likely no since you are using the same device to access our system.


Thank you for answer!


i´ve banned too.

antes eras chévere liquidsky.

You were cool before liquidsky

luckily it is not the only platform…

I was from the beginning. and they erased me as if nothing. contribute a lot of money … and in the end it’s not worth it.
they do not deserve it


Bans generally are only handed out due to DMCA violations (as far as I know)- this is a legal liability for the company and they have been issued cease-and-desist letters due to users pirating. This is not the company wanting to be malignant; if this is applicable, in this case this is not anybody’s choice but your own.


I understand that it was my fault (I did not check the mail, although recieved a warning the day before the ban, im just inattentive).
So thanks to all for the answers, close the topic



you do realize all the other services will ban you outright for torrenting/pirating games right? If you think this rule doesn’t apply to other services as well, you are dead wrong.

It doesn’t matter if you were there at the beginning, it was dead clear that you cannot torrent games just because you think the rule doesn’t apply to you (and think you can get away with it). You are just salty the fact that you can’t cheat the system anymore.