Is playable CSGO?


The answer is yes

If you have imput lag try to turn down the resolution


Yeah I'm playing it. It works fine but you need to tune down some of the graphics.


Ive tried a couple of times to play on my MAC, but due to custom res.. I just cant seem to get rid of the lag input issue in full screen. So im needing to play it in window on mac.

I have done gameplay videos on Youtube Channel:

Hoping to show input issue i have soon, Just need a couple of hours to record some footage, :slight_smile:


You know, this game looks fantastic on my phone but the camera (mouse) controls dont work. I've tried many times trying to program it in but don't see an option. Not a big deal but since this thread popped up, I though I should mention it for other people. I have a Galaxy S7 and just wanted to play with bots for fun. Lol

I also get the same problem on my Galaxy S5.