Is the beta the old specs or the new ones?


Hi everyone,

I've been using Liquid Sky for about two months now, but stopped my membership. I was told that paying customers got access to the beta, but what good is this beta if we already are using Liquid Sky? Is it possible that this so called "beta" is using the new hardware introduced at CES 2017? If it is the case I'll renew my current membership so I can try it out.

Thanks !


No the new features aren't available yet until March and you won't get the new CPU or new things that were Announced at CES 2017 the wait ends in first week of march so between 1-7 of the week


Thanks a lot for your answer, so not interesting yet for me


new hardwares and new liquid sky is to be released on march


Beta is still currently running the soon to be obsolete version of Liquidsky and not the newer version coming in the first week of march.