Is there any way :(


when i use liquid sky i get 5 fps max but when i minimize it and hover over the fps goes to 100+
my specs are intel pentium D 3.00GHz
4gb ram
intel chipset
windows 10


what is your internet speed?


It's his hardware. It's too old to decently and quickly decode the HD stream. I already explained that to OP this morning. Pentium D is basically 2 P4's and unnamed Intel chipsets around the same time still struggled to run HD video smoothly.

Basically his CPU is too old to use the software decoder and the GPU chip too old for hardware decoder.

As for the fps going up too 100 when minimised, that's because the frames aren't being rendered and thus barely using CPU/GPU.


Liquidsky recommends you have Intel HD 4000 integrated video or equivalent at minimum.

I have a PCI-e GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 and using MSi afterburner helps a lot.


@DaveC ok how do i use afterburner


Do a web search for msi afterburner software. It should be free and works with some video cards to boost performance.