Is this the gpu update? Performance


From what I understand there was a big update coming, I thought it came, and found out that there were difficulties with the new hardware. So the gpu update has been cancelled right?
Basically, we’re in the same state as we were before not?

Mostly mybexperience of this big update, (unless that still has to come) is same. Some games work and some games not at all. I tested some games that had difficulty with fps, still same issue, on lowest graphics, for example black ops 3 runs at 15 fps on 400x300 resolution and absolute minimum graphics. It is basically a game that looks worse than a nintendo 3ds game and runs at 15 or 14 fps. While other games, which are allot more heavy, go max graphics 1080p running at smooth stable 60 fps.

So does this mean the update still has to come, or will it no longer come and is it cancelled due to difficulty?


At some point, there will be an upgrade. That’s just the way it goes with hardware. The most recent attempt was cancelled though, because the P100 wasn’t doing any better than the current M60.
The incompatibility issues with certain games are more driver than gpu releated. Nvidia have fixed their licensing servers, so we can hope for an update here,


Just to add: even while us mods were testing I did see better performance, but that was in an impractical situation with me being the only one online in the server.

The team is always looking to find practical solutions but for the time being new streamer smoothing and driver updates are what they’re currently focusing on (side note: if you experience any issues with loss% [blurry stream] or jitter, if possible please record from your local system the issue so that the developers can get more information to help fix the issues currently with the update). Hardware upgrades are always on the table, just the issue is practicality in the context of benefit to cost/effort required (P100s offering little benefit at the higher costs, and Vega requiring an infrastructure overhaul at the time. This is what Morgan posted in the community Discord server:

“The infrastructure that AMDs hardware ran one was not compatible with how LiquidSky was built. It would have required us to build everything just to accommodate their hardware which just isn’t doable. Fast forward a year and a half, the same hurdles are no longer applicable. The only thing I’ll add is that despite the P100s being a bust, we are still exploring other options.”)


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