Is this the time to say Goodbye? 😕


Very upset to see that the cost of using my SC will be doubled as a PAYG user.
I wanna pay the monthly plan a lot but I have NO WAYS to pay. The WeChat payment has been removed 4 a long time and I’ve already asked about it but there’s NO reply from then on. Do I have to enter my bank card code and password aaand wait 4 a long time with the UPOP payment? The UPOP payment sucks dudes D:
Then my SkyCredits runs out and i have to say goodbye with LiquidSky, no plz i was loving the app :tired_face:


I’m sure the team are taking all the feedback into consideration. It’s been pretty rough so far, so let’s wait for an official statement, hopefully soon.


I hope so…
And i really hope that everything will go well


Please note that there have been changes made to the SkyCredit policy.


Thx 4.fixing the policy, yay :laughing:


Feel free to move this discussion to the official policy thread.