Its Back! Our Special Gift to You from LiquidSky!


Backed by popular demand we are reopening the link for a second time!

We've been hard pressed here at LiquidSky, working on a slew of major updates coming soon for our users all around the world! As expected, testing for our latest feature was extended due to the sheer volume of updates that we are in the process of pushing out for our next major update.

But it's finally time we gave you what you've all been asking for! A chance to register and use our exclusive, never-before seen alpha feature, coming soon to LiquidSky! As previously suggested, any users accepted into our alpha test will be kept under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to maintain legal obligations.

Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, So please be wary and register before space fills up and the link is taken down!

In order to register for our exclusive alpha feature, please enter at the link below and follow the instructions.

Register while space is available and receive an exclusive E-mail invitation from LiquidSky that will allow you to try out our latest feature in development, months ahead of release!

The link will close again soon, so hurry up and sign up before its too late!

Good Luck ;D


It says I have zero entires and there is nowhere to register


Looks like your a little early! ;D

Registration opens in about an hour or so, so mark your watch and come back again when its open!


Bookmarked and set the page on my 2nd screen while I play games on the other!


I work for LiquidSky on and off the forums. If you are seeking information regarding job openings, please message me privately or keep an eye out for postings concerning forum moderators.

Thank you.


@LiquidSkyJustin I log in by facebook, but my liquidsky email is different, dont have problem whit that?


I entered! Is this the same entry as the last entry when all the European people were sleeping ?


@LiquidSkyJustin When do we get the e-mail?


Signed up 2 days ago but nothing yet?


Any change that there'll be another link posted in the future?